Who is who


Jürgen Poniatowski
  • SCUBA-Diver since: 1983
  • Teaching Rec-Diving: 1986
  • Trimixdiver since: 1996
  • Diving Trainingdirector on the Institute for University-Sport in Darmstadt 1992-1997
  • Participating on Calculation, Construktion and Tests of Rebreathers
  • Development and Construction of an own O2-Rebreather (A1) 1999
  • Development of Mixedgasdekompression- and Gasmixingsoftware sice: 1992
Jürgen Poniatowski
Rudi Lehnert
  • Active Cavediver
  • mutible Instruction Licences from VDST(CMAS), DLRG (German Live Rescue Organisation), RAB, PAN
Rudi Lehnert
Training Director
Karl Kramer
  • Activer Cavediver since: 1980
  • Rebreather-Diver since: 1981
  • active Icediver since: 1983
  • Author of a Trimix Decompression Program: 1983
  • mutible Instruction Licences VDST(CMAS), DSB, DRK-WW (Red Cross Water-Rescue), RAB, PAN
  • Numer of Dives: has 4-digits
Karl Kramer