• Introductory Rebreather Diver
    A diver who was introduced to the basic concepts of rebreather diving and has made first practical experiences in confined water under the direction of a Rebreather-Instructor.
  • Rebreather Diver
    Based on the "Nitrox-Diver", for Rebreather-dives with any EANx, including pure Oxygen, qualified diver, who has proved that he can, in the non-decompression-area, perform such dives safely. The Class may be organized so that it includes the "Nitrox-Diver"; if this is done it is based on CMAS**/Advanced Open-Water plus the minimum age of 16years. In most cases the Rebreather Class will integrate the "Gas-Blender" course.
  • Advanced Rebreather Diver
    Based on the "Rebreather-Diver" with at last 20 rebreather-hours, for Rebreather-dives with any EANx, including pure Oxygen, qualified diver, who has proved that he can, in the non-stage-bottle-area, perform such dives safely.
  • Rebreather Diver retrain
    A Retrain is an upgrade-rating that qualifies to dive an other type of rebreather. P.A.N. differs between the diving-licence and the rating for a special rebreather. This is done because the handling and safety-routines of different types of rebreathers are not the same. When you only change the type of rebreather you do not need to redo the complete multi-step rebreather education, you only have to participate a specific rating that upgrades you in theory and praxis to safely use the new rebreather. The scale of that course depends on the type of rebreather, we recommend to combine it with a holiday or do it in a local club, so that you have at least 10dive-hours on the new engine before you take it home.
  • Trimix Rebreather Diver
    The Trimix-Rebreather-Diver has proven that he can operate safe and reliable with Rebreathers and open circuit dive-equipment, also on sophisticated missions. This includes the ability to plan dive-missions safely, so that a fail of any single equipment component does not harm a safe ascend. Prerequisites: "Advanced Rebreather Diver" with a log or proof of at least 50-rebreather-dive-hours and totally at least 200dive-hours. If candidates are not already qualified as Trimix-Diver this can be integrated in the Class. This brevet is mainly dedicated to Marine Biologists. (Must be at minimum 21years of age.)
  • Trimix Rebreather Diver retrain