Diving safely requires a systemized training

  • Theoretical Training
  • Psychophysical Training
  • Practical Training


PAN performs Nitrox training on the following levels:

  • Nitrox-Diver
    Based on CMAS*/PADI-Open-Water(or other comparable brevets) +30 dives, for dives with Nitrox up to 40%Oxygen qualified diver, who has proved that he can, in the non-decompression-area, perform such dives safely. (Must be at minimum 16years of age.)
  • Technical Nitrox-Diver
    Based on the "Nitrox-Diver", for dives with any EANx, including pure Oxygen, qualified diver, who has proven that he can perform such dives safely, including gas-switchings and their calculation.

The next User-Level is the Trimix Diver.



All accepted equivalents of CMAS-Brevets are possible entry points too.