Professional Association for Underwater Technology

  • Register Fee: 15Euro/Level
  • Register Fee: 25Euro in the case when multiple review-carts for/by one candidate are send in one Letter.
     So when You for Example send your Compressor-Operator-, Gas-Blender- und Nitrox-Diver- review-carts to the Headquarter together the Register Fee is 25 instead of 45Euro.
  • Course Fees: not fixed, ask the according Conductor.
    • You will have to calculate with Expenses of a normal Diveholiday in the according region plus edditional cost of about :
    • Nitrox Diver:  95Euro
    • Trimix Diver: 450Euro
    • Gas Blender: 150Euro
    • Rebreather Diver: 500Euro
    (These are just Examples, no recommended Prices.)